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Senior Home Care on the islands of Oahu and Maui

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Thinking About Hiring In-Home Care? Here Are Some Quick Tips on How We Can Help.

How Can Elder Care Providers Help You and Your Elderly Loved One?

When you’re first thinking about hiring elder care providers for your elderly loved one, you may not really know how you can put their skills to the best use. Some of these ideas may be just what you or your elderly loved one need help with the most.

Provide Respite Care

Thinking about hiring in-home elder care on Oahu? Here are some tips!

Thinking about hiring in-home elder care on Oahu? Here are some tips!

Too many family caregivers are afraid to take a break now and again. They worry that something will happen to their elderly loved one or that no one will be able to care for their loved one the way that they can. While there might be some elements of truth to these fears, they’re largely unfounded. Elder care providers provide a safe way for you to take the time that you need while leaving your loved one with someone who is experienced in helping people just like your loved one.

Provide Companionship

In today’s society, it’s not always reasonable to believe that family caregivers are able to stop working or handling their other responsibilities to be able to care for their loved one as much as they really want to. This is where having elderly care providers can come in handy. They can provide daily companionship to your loved one while you’re gone so that you can focus on what you have to do while you’re gone.

Cooking and Housekeeping

If your elderly loved one is at a point where she needs some extra help with cooking and daily housekeeping, having senior care providers can be exactly what she needs. They can help to make sure that she’s not overtaxing herself and that she’s eating healthy, home-cooked meals daily. Your elderly loved one may only need help a few times a week or every day, so these kinds of arrangements can be flexible.

Personal Care and Daily Living Tasks

As your loved one’s health declines, you may find that she needs help with personal care or other daily living tasks. For some elderly loved ones, having a family member help with these kinds of tasks, such as bathing or getting dressed, can be extremely intimidating. Having a “stranger” helping out can actually be comforting in some instances.
If your elderly loved one has other special needs, it’s also possible that elder care providers can help with those. Talk with your loved one’s providers to determine what they can do to help you both.

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Jermie Chadwick, CEO

Jermie graduated with her nursing degree from Ateneo De Davao University. Jermie has a compassionate nature, being raised by her Grandparents and Aunt who instilled in her respect for elders, as well as the “golden rule” to help others is priority. Jermie worked for many years with two of the leading Health Care Agencies in Hawaii and received many accolades from both the companies and the clients. During this time she expanded upon her extensive health care training and knowledge, by gaining vast practical experience. Today Jermie’s skills and experience are utilized in her oversight of all aspects of care provided by All Care Hawaii, assuring that the company she founded remains consistently committed to the best care for others and responsive to all client’s needs.