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What Can You Do if You’re Juggling Too Many Responsibilities as a Caregiver? 

Caregiver in Honolulu HI: Many family caregivers are juggling far more responsibilities than they ever have. How you manage that can make the difference between success and burnout. 
Caregiver in Honolulu HI: Make time for yourself.
Caregiver in Honolulu HI: Make time for yourself.
Caregiver in Honolulu HI: Make time for yourself.
Caregiver in Honolulu HI: Make time for yourself.

Very few caregivers are able to focus solely on their elderly loved-one’s care these days. It’s much more common for caregivers to have a variety of different responsibilities that they have to take care of and that can mean that sometimes those responsibilities conflict with each other. Figuring out how to manage everything is essential.

Figure out How to Delegate 

The first thing to do when you’re juggling too much is to figure out how to offload some of those responsibilities to other people. Turn to family members, friends, and your loved-one’s medical team to help you determine what you can delegate. If possible, hire home care providers who can perform a variety of tasks for you and your senior. Elder care providers are especially helpful if you’re looking for someone to take over while you take time away.

Reassess Your Priorities 

When you’re overwhelmed, your priorities can sometimes disappear for a bit. Take another look at your priorities and what you’re actually focused on. Some of your bigger priorities are going to be your loved one’s safety and her overall health. Specific health conditions are likely to be high on the list, too.

Have an Emergency Plan and Post it Somewhere 

If you don’t already have a contingency plan for emergencies, it’s time to sit down and work one out. You’ll need medical information, contact information, and what your loved-one should and could do in a variety of different situations. Putting together a solid emergency plan takes time, but it’s worth it.

Be Gentle with Yourself and Give Yourself Time Away 

If you’re not already taking time away from caregiving on a regular basis, you need to be. This is especially important if you’re managing a variety of different responsibilities beyond caregiving. Find ways to include emotional self-care as a regular part of every day and make sure that you’re taking care of yourself physically. Falling down in this area is going to make everything else more difficult for you to juggle.

You don’t have to handle everything by yourself, even if it seems that way to you at first. Look for ways to make caregiving easier for you and your elderly loved-one every day.

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