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Dementia Home Care

To provide compassionate care while serving others with integrity and aloha is the mission of All Care Hawaii.  Our continued success hinges on practicing Aloha with a commitment to each individual client, as well as a commitment to each Caregiver. Combining those commitments with our expertise, and utilizing hands-on compassionate care, as well as providing responsive customer service, has proven to be the formula for our success. 

We offer caregiver and client compatibility matching with one-on-one immediate care and personal attention. We have flexible scheduling based on your preferences and needs. You can start with basic services and as your needs change our services can change. We are a family owned company and we hire from the heart, your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Click get started and fill out a simple form and one of our staff members will reach out right away.

About Alzheimer's

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the number of Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease is growing — and growing fast. An estimated 5.4 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer’s disease in 2016.

  • Of the 5.4 million Americans with Alzheimer’s, an estimated 5.2 million people are age 65 and older, and approximately 200,000 individuals are under age 65 (younger-onset Alzheimer’s).
  • One in nine people age 65 and older has Alzheimer’s disease.
  • By the mid-century, someone in the United States will develop the disease every 33 seconds.

These numbers will escalate rapidly in the coming years, as the baby boomer generation has begun to reach age 65 and beyond, the age range of greatest risk of Alzheimer’s. By 2050, the number of people age 65 and older with Alzheimer’s disease may nearly triple, from 5.4 million to a projected 13.8 million, barring the development of medical breakthroughs to prevent or cure the disease. Previous estimates based on high-range projections of population growth provided by the U.S. Census suggest that this number could be as high as 16 million.

Seventy percent of persons with Alzheimer’s disease are cared for at home. Home care can be essential to provide personal care and give the family assistance and relief to continue to care for the patient. Deciding on and finding the care needed is not always easy. It is a personal decision based on the person’s needs and family situation.

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All Care Hawaii’s continued success hinges on practicing Aloha with a commitment to each individual client. Read more about us.

Alzheimer's In-Home Care in Honolulu, HI by All Care Hawaii

Our Approach

All Care Hawaii takes a multi-disciplinary approach to provide the highest level of care to our clients. We recognize that each client and family have a different experience with Alzheimer’s. We focus our efforts on developing individualized plans of care. This is an ongoing and ever-changing plan. We know that each day will reveal something different and our team will live in that moment each day with our clients and their families. We are here to travel the journey with you and together create a plan that is tailored to your or your loved one’s needs.

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