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How to Take a Vacation When You’re a Caregiver

Caregiver in Kahala HI: Taking a vacation when you're a family caregiver is definitely still possible. You will need to put a little bit of extra planning into the adventure, but you can have a successful time away.

Caregiver in Kahala HI

Many caregivers don’t believe that they can take a vacation when they have to care for their elderly loved one. The reality is that you can and you should take a vacation whenever you feel the need.Caregiver-in-Kahala-HI

Prepare Your Loved One in Advance

Talk to your elderly loved one in advance about what you’re planning to do. Even if you’re just thinking about planning a vacation, it’s a good idea to mention it to her. As you decide more about where you’re going, when, and what you’ll be doing, share those details with her as well. This helps your loved one to understand where you’ll be and what is going to happen with her.

Let Your Loved One Help with Planning Her Part of the Vacation

It can help your loved one to feel a little bit more in control if you ask for her assistance in planning out her part of your vacation. For example, knowing who will be there with her, what she can expect, and any other details can help your loved one to feel much better about you leaving for a few days. Keep your loved one in the loop and get her feedback as much as you can.

Ask Other People to Help Out

You’ll likely need some extra help when you’re on vacation to ensure that your loved one is indeed in good hands. Talk to other family members, friends, and neighbors about what will be going on and find out how they can help. You may also want to consider hiring elder care providers to spend time with your loved one. Having a full list of volunteers can allow you to feel more at ease when you’re actually away.

Break up the Responsibilities

You know exactly what you’re doing as your loved one’s caregiver, but you had to work up to your current skill level. Remember that not everyone who may be pitching in for you has your same skill level when it comes to helping your loved one. Help them help you by breaking up tasks and responsibilities amongst several people rather than expecting one or two people to be able to fill in for you completely.

While you’re away, enjoy yourself fully. You don’t have to feel guilty about being on vacation and away from your elderly loved one.

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