Multi-Generational Caregiving

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The sandwich generation is described as that generation which, due to changes in demographic trends, bares the responsibility of providing care for both their parent and their children Caregiver-in-Kailua-HIsimultaneously. It is usually suggested that this demographic feels “squeezed”—a sense of overwhelming pressure in part due to taking on the caretaking role of two generations. It’s interesting to note, however, that two studies would appear to disagree with that model. One study showed that this role had little to no effect on caregiver’s well-being. Another report showed that the sandwich generation caregivers reported similar happiness rates to those who were not “sandwiched in.”

The Gift of Multi-generations

Perhaps this would suggest that there is a gift in the caregiving. There is a unity that develops that bonds one part of a family to another. In today’s society, it is easy to get busy taking the kids to soccer practice, over to their after-school club, or off to a weekend slumber-party. Rarely do you find generations that live under the same roof in today’s America. They are busy, productive and proud. There is a tendency to mock families that live together or to offer condolences should a child in their 30s choose to move back in with a parent or a mother decide to live with a child. But what is the emotional cost? Isolation and loneliness.

Elders as the Keepers of the Story

In tribal societies, the elder is revered. They hold their cultures stories, memories, beginnings and endings. Young ones would sit by the fire at night and listen to the stories—stories that brought history to life and told them of ways to live the good life, the right life, the moral life. Elders need to share their stories and their families need to listen.


“There are two things we should give our children. One is roots, the other is wings.”—Hidding Carter. Children long for this type of connection. Here they learn compassion. They find that it’s okay if someone’s hand is shaky and spills the water. They learn that grandma loves them even if she cannot say it. They learn to be comfortable with others as they are and, as a result, comfortable with themselves. Children who are given the gift of caring for a grandparent learn one of life’s greatest lessons—to love and accept someone just as they are.

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