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Why Is Dental Care Sometimes More Difficult for Your Elderly Loved-One?

Homecare in Maui HI: Managing her own dental care can be more difficult for your elderly family member than it has been in the past, but you might not fully understand why. Figuring out what to do for your senior can take a little bit of trial and error.
Homecare in Maui HI: Dental Care For Your Senior
Homecare in Maui HI: Dental Care For Your Senior
Homecare in Maui HI: Dental Care For Your Senior
Homecare in Maui HI: Dental Care For Your Senior

Your senior may find that she’s having more problems keeping up with her own dental care these days and you might find yourself wondering why that is.  Unfortunately, there’s not one answer that fits for everyone and your aging family member might be experiencing a combination of causes.

Wear and Tear on Teeth

Just by virtue of the fact that your elderly family member is older, she’s had more time to use and abuse her teeth.  This can mean that they are worn down and that they’ve even gotten some damage here and there.  Regular dentist appointments can help your loved-one to stay on top of these types of problems before they require more drastic solutions, like removing a tooth.

Dry Mouth from Medications and Other Causes

A common side effect of medications can be a dry mouth.  This is a condition that leaves your loved-one feeling as if her mouth is constantly dry, even if she’s drinking plenty of fluids.  One solution for this is to use hydrating mouthwashes in order to replenish and replace moisture that isn’t making it into your aging adult’s mouth.

Physical Problems that Make Brushing and Flossing More Difficult

Having joint problems or other physical issues can make brushing and flossing almost impossible for your senior.  If that’s the case, your aging parent may need additional tools or even help in order to keep her teeth properly brushed and flossed.

Look for Solutions for Your Senior

Depending on the problems your senior family member is facing with managing her dental care, there may be a variety of solutions that work for her.  Special toothbrushes or even trays that hold cleaning solutions may be just the right answer.  It’s possible that your loved-one may need to try more than one solution before she finds the one that properly solves all of her issues at once.

Elder care providers can help your senior find solutions to their personal care needs. Consider hiring someone to work with your aging family member if dental care is a challenge for her. They can help with many tasks such as taking them to their appointments or they may even help to remind them to brush after each meal.


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