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Nutrient-Dense Foods for Your Aging Parent

Senior Care in Kaanapali: If you are concerned about your elderly parent’s eating habits or weight loss, the first step is to consult with their health care provider in order to rule out any underlying disease.

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If you are concerned about your elderly parent’s eating habits or weight loss, the first step is to consult with their health care provider in order to rule out any underlying disease. Once you know Senior-Care-in-Kaanapalithe cause, it is much easier to treat the symptom. If they’ve received a clear bill of health, it’s time to open up the lines of communication to determine what other issues may be the culprit. Some possibilities to consider:

  • Poor-fitting dentures causing pain or discomfort when eating.
  • Lack of social engagement causing sadness and loneliness.
  • Loss of appetite due to metabolic changes or medications.
  • Loss of enjoyment due to decrease in taste and smell, pain, or strict dietary regulations due to disease.


You may need to address any of the above issues by either setting up an appointment with their dentist, creating a social environment at meal time, or consult with their pharmacist or doctor regarding their medications. The next step is to alter their diet in order to incorporate nutrient-dense foods at each meal. These foods are high in both calories and nutrition. Your loved one may still be eating less, but each bite will be a little powerhouse of healthy nutrients.


This is the go-to fish for those that need some extra nutrients. A fatty-type fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, it is known to ward off heart disease, dementia, diabetes, certain cancers, and protects against some age-related eye diseases.


This powerhouse drink is easy to digest and prepare. Include whole milk, fruit, yogurt and a protein powder. Many powders contain Spirulina, a blue-green algae that is high in protein, calcium, and Vitamin B’s.

Nuts and Butters

Nuts are nutrient-dense foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. If it is difficult for your loved one to chew, consider nut butters. These pack the same goodness in an easily digestible form and can be found in peanut, cashew, almond, macadamia, and sunflower seeds to name a few.  Spread on sprouted whole-grain bread, apple slices or a celery stick. Olive oil is a wonderful addition to the diet and can be drizzled over salads, sandwiches, pasta and bread. Add balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese to warm Italian bread and your parent might think they’ve reached nirvana

Down-Home Feel

Adding comfort food to your parent’s diet is a good way to add nutrients and enjoyment at the same time. Beans and rice are a good addition to chicken, vegetable soups. Potatoes are high in minerals as well as vitamins C and Bs. Topped with chili; steamed broccoli and cheese; or bacon, sour cream and chives, they are almost a meal unto themselves.

Senior Care Provider

If shopping for and preparing nutrient-dense meals finds you unable to complete all the other required daily tasks, consider obtaining the services of a senior care provider. These caring professionals can not only help out with the daily activities of living, they can also take care of the grocery shopping and meal preparation, leaving you quality time to enjoy your parent and possibly a nutrient-dense meal together.

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