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Does Your Phone Make Caregiving Easier or More Difficult?

Caregiver in Hawaii Kai: Your phone can be an incredible tool for you or it can leave you feeling as if it's constantly interrupting. The difference can be in how you manage your phone and its usage.
Caregiver in Hawaii Kai: Phones and Caregiving
Caregiver in Hawaii Kai: Phones and Caregiving

Having a phone available all the time can be incredibly helpful, especially in an emergency, but it can also be a hindrance at times. If you’re not careful about how you manage your phone time as a family caregiver, you might find yourself getting frustrated.

Set Some “Office Hours” for Your Phone.

Caregiver in Hawaii Kai: Phones and Caregiving
Caregiver in Hawaii Kai: Phones and Caregiving

When you’re at work you probably can’t answer your phone any old time you want. As a caregiver, you can start to keep some “office hours” for your personal phone. Maybe your loved one has a difficult time in the morning and unnecessary interruptions make life that much more difficult. You might decide to let your office hours start from a set time in the afternoon until you need to start dinner in late afternoon. Then, when the phone rings and you can’t answer it, don’t feel bad or jump to answer it because the person calling you can leave a message.

Let People Know What Times You’re Available by Phone.

The key to making office hours work for your phone is to let people know what those times are. Once you’ve narrowed down when you can and cannot answer random calls, you know that people shouldn’t necessarily be calling unless it’s either an emergency or they’re wanting to leave you a message. You might want to try checking your messages a couple of times during the time you’re not available, just to make sure you haven’t missed an urgent call.

Be Specific When You Leave Messages for Other People.

When you leave messages for other people, be extremely specific with them. Include all of the information that person needs for the purpose of your call and also be sure to include exactly what time they can call you back to either get more information or give you the information that you need. By being as specific as possible, you let that person know exactly what to expect. You can even say, “If you call at another time, I won’t be able to answer and you’ll need to leave a message for me.”

In the end, it’s all in how you use your phone. It can be a constant source of frustration and interruption if you allow it to be.

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