Are You Actually Resisting Help that You and Your Loved One Need?


Senior Care in Honolulu HI: Are You Actually Resisting Help that You and Your Loved One Need?

It’s not a happy feeling to realize that you might be holding back waves of help that you need, but it’s unfortunately true for a lot of family caregivers. Learning how to be more open to assistance can be just what you need to spot the help that is out there.

Perfectionism Plays a Part

Too many family caregivers worry that everything has to be perfect when they’re taking care of their elderly loved one. The problem is that no situation is perfect and the sooner you can let go of that compulsion, the better. Embrace the aspects of life that aren’t perfect. That makes it easier for you to relax and notice the people who really want to help you and your loved one.

Other Family Members Don’t Know How to Help

When other family members, friends, and neighbors don’t know what to do for you or how to help, they often stop offering. They may not understand what you or your loved one need at all and that can keep them at arm’s length. Opening up to these people a little bit can give them the information that they need to offer the help you need exactly when you need it.

You Think You’re the Only Person Who Should Help

When you’re convinced that as your loved one’s primary family caregiver only you should be taking care of her, that can keep you closed down, too. The truth is that help can come from so many different directions and it absolutely should. As you learn to accept more help, more becomes available to you.

You Don’t Know Who Can Help You

If you’re new to being a family caregiver, you may not even know where or who to turn to for extra help. You may not realize that there are agencies in your area who help senior citizens or that you can hire senior care providers. Getting that information can open up a world of assistance to you. Joining a support group can help, as can talking to your loved one’s doctor about what you need.

Learning what options you actually have and being open to help more often can change your caregiving journey completely.

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