Easy Bathroom Modifications for Your Elderly Loved-One

Caregiver in Maui HI: Helpful Bathroom Modifications for your Senior

Caregiver in Maui HI: Helpful Bathroom Modifications for your Senior

Modifying your loved-one’s bathroom can be a complicated, expensive venture, but it doesn’t have to be if you can keep her safe with smaller modifications.

Try some of these suggestions first…

Put Corner Bumpers on the Vanity
Many vanities and bathroom counters have sharp edges and corners.  These can hurt if your senior bumps into them and if she’s taking blood thinners or her skin is easily damaged, they can cause serious harm.  Look for silicone or padded corner bumpers that fit over the edges of the counter.  They’ll protect your loved-one from getting hurt and they’re not difficult to apply at all.

Use a Stool in Front of the Vanity
Most people don’t realize how much time they spend standing in front of the sink or the mirror in the bathroom. They also don’t realize how much energy it can take to do so safely. If your senior is having issues standing, try putting a short stool in front of the vanity.  This allows her to have some extra support while she uses the sink area.

Use Non-Slip Rugs and Mats
One of the simplest ways to modify your loved-one’s bathroom for safety is to put down rugs and mats that have a non-slip backing.  These are important because flooring becomes much more slippery when it’s wet.  Having multiple rugs and mats gives your loved-one safe footing throughout the bathroom.

Put a Shower Chair in the Tub
Even if your senior can stand in the shower, having a shower chair or bath bench in the tub can help her to conserve energy.  Consider adding one so that your loved-one can simply sit down when she needs to in order to stay safe while showering.

Install Hand Rails
Adding hand rails is common advice for bathroom safety.  You definitely want to install them in the shower or tub, but consider other spaces in the bathroom where hand rails could come in handy.  Some areas to consider are around the toilet, across from the vanity, and in any open space.
If your loved-one has more urgent needs for assistance while bathing, consider hiring elderly care providers.  They’re experienced with helping loved-ones with personal care tasks.

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