Tips for Helping Your Senior Cope with the Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome

Elder Care in Maui HI: Tips To Help Your Senior With Restless Leg Syndrome

Elder Care in Maui HI: Tips To Help Your Senior With Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome, also referred to as RLS, is a condition of the nervous system that results in an uncontrollable urge to move their legs.  The sensation is often described as a creepy-crawly, itching, or tingling sensation that compels them to shake, twitch, or jiggle their legs, or to get up and walk.  Because this most frequently occurs at night and disrupts the person’s ability to sleep, it is sometimes considered a sleep disorder.  Though generally mild and not requiring of extensive medical treatment, these symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant, and even impact your parent’s quality of life, health, and well-being.  As their family caregiver, the care that you give your parent can help them to cope with these symptoms effectively.


Use these tips to help your senior cope with the symptoms of RLS:

1.) Encourage an evening bath.  The symptoms of RLS tend to worsen in the evening and at night, and if your parent is feeling tired or has worked their body hard during the day, they are likely to experience them more intensely.  A warm bath in the evening can help to relax the muscles and reduce the symptoms that they might experience.

2.) Try hot/cold therapy.  If your parent is experiencing symptoms that are uncomfortable, try alternating hot and cold packs to ease the symptoms and get their muscles back under control.

3.) Encourage relaxation. The more that they can encourage their body to relax, the less likely they are to experience serious symptoms, and the easier it will be for them to get past those symptoms.  Encourage your parent to learn relaxation techniques that will enable them to ease their body into a more relaxing routine and to sleep more efficiently.

4.) Establish a sleep pattern. Good sleep hygiene, that is, going to bed and getting up at the same time each day, is important in helping the body get the sleep that they need.  Not having their body get too tired will help your parent to experience fewer and less serious symptoms.  Encourage your parent to establish a sleep pattern and follow it to keep their body rested.


Hiring an elderly home care services provider can help…

If your aging parent has recently been diagnosed with a medical condition or health complication such as Restless Leg Syndrome, or they are showing new or worsened symptoms or challenges, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting elder care for them.  Hiring an elderly home care services provider is a way for you to ensure that your parent is getting everything that they need, filling any care gaps that might exist in the care efforts that you give them and providing a highly personalized set of services tailored to them as an individual.  This care provider can help your parent to manage their individual needs, assisting them in fulfilling their activities of daily living, providing safe and reliable transportation when needed, and offering companionship and support that encourages them to stay active, engaged, and independent, and to see as much meaning in this new chapter of life as possible.

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