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Caregiver in Waikiki HI: Senior Vision Practices
Caregiver in Waikiki HI

Encouraging Your Parent to Use Their Vision Corrective Devices Consistently

Caregiver in Waikiki HI: Dealing with low vision as they age can be frustrating and upsetting to your aging parents, but it can also put them in dangerous situations. As a family caregiver, you can help your aging loved one reduce the negative impact of low vision in their lives by encouraging them to use their vision corrective devices consistently.

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Elder Care in Waikiki HI: Senior Mindful Eating
Elder Care in Waikiki HI

What is Mindful Eating?

Elder Care in Waikiki HI: Mindful eating is an approach to nutrition and lifestyle that encourages people of all ages to eat slowly. In today’s fast-paced world, most people eat quickly as they go from one event to another.

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Elderly Care in Hawaii Kai HI: Living with Hepatitis C
Elderly Care in Hawaii Kai HI

Living with Hepatitis C

Elderly Care in Hawaii Kai HI: People in the baby boomer generation are at an increased risk for hepatitis C, commonly called hep C. Hep C is a liver disease that is transmitted through the blood. Baby boomers are at a higher risk because hep C was at its peak for transmission between 1960 and 1980.

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Elder Care in Kahala HI: Arthritis Signs and Symptoms

When Is it Time to See a Doctor for Arthritis Pain?

Elder Care in Kahala HI: Many people experience some joint pain as they age. The Mayo Clinic says that it is pretty rare for joint pain to be a cause for emergency treatment. In fact, most of the time joint pain can be managed at home.

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Home Health Care in Kahala HI: Senior Falling Fears

Tips for Helping Seniors with a Fear of Falling

Home Health Care in Kahala HI: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an older adult in the United States falls every second of the day. In fact, they say that falls are the number one cause of injuries and death for seniors.

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Home Care Services Wailea HI: Senior Health Choices With Cancer

What Happens If You Do Not Agree with Your Parent’s Cancer Decisions?

Home Care Services Wailea HI: One of the most challenging experiences that you can have as a family caregiver is to find out that your aging parent is suffering from cancer and to go through this journey with them. You are not just thinking about this issue as their adult child, worrying about them and coping with the emotions of it.

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