Tips for Helping Seniors with a Fear of Falling

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an older adult in the United States falls every second of the day. In fact, they say that falls are the number one cause of injuries and death for seniors. It’s no wonder that many seniors worry more about falling than almost anything else. Having a fear of falling can make seniors avoid some activities that they perceive as being too dangerous.

Home Health Care in Kahala HI: Senior Falling Fears

Home Health Care in Kahala HI: Senior Falling Fears

Unfortunately, that makes them miss out on living life to
its fullest. Not only does a fear of falling reduce the quality of life, it also makes a fall more likely. When a person has fears of falling, they change the way they move in an attempt to prevent themselves from falling. Unfortunately, these changes can actually cause falls. If your parent worries about falling, there are ways you can help them. Below are some tips for helping your senior parent to manage their fear of falling and prevent falls.


Reduce Fall Hazards in the Home
Take a walk around your parent’s house and look for things that they could trip over. Remove or secure loose rugs. Install handrails in stairwells and grab bars in the bathroom. Make sure the lighting in your parent’s home is bright enough for them to see well. Talk to your parent about the changes you are making and how they will help reduce the chances of a fall. Knowing their home is safe may ease some of their fears.


Encourage Exercise
Exercise that strengthens muscles and improves balance reduces the risk of falling. Many older adults use Tai Chi to improve balance. If your parent is interested in taking a Tai Chi or other exercise class, an elderly care provider can drive them to the class. Once your parent notices the changes in their strength and balance, they may feel more confident.


Have Their Vision Checked
If it’s been a while since your parent has been to the eye doctor, take them in for a checkup. Poor vision can cause a fall. Some forms of vision correction, such as bifocals or trifocals, can cause your parent to misjudge distances, which could lead to a fall. The CDC recommends getting a pair of glasses with only the distance prescription for outdoor activities, such as walking.


Review Medications
Some medications can cause dizziness or affect balance. Talk to your parent’s doctor about their medications and ask if there are alternatives that don’t affect the risk of falling.


Hire an Elderly Care Provider
An elderly care provider can help your parent to feel safer in their home. If your parent has mobility issues, an elderly care provider can help them to safely move about the house and ease worries about falling and not being found.


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