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How to Help Your Elderly Loved One Manage Stairs in Her Home

Elder Care in Hawaii Kai: If your elderly loved one has multiple floors in her home, it's essential that you make sure that her stairways are as safe for her as possible.

Elder Care in Hawaii Kai

Stairs can present a particular safety problem for your elderly loved one. She may have navigated that same set of stairs safely for decades, but a bout of poor health can make that difficult to Elder-Care-in-Hawaii-Kaicontinue doing.

Keep the Stairs Free of Any Clutter

Clutter is dangerous for your elderly loved one wherever it can pop up, but it’s especially dangerous on the stairs. One option is to keep baskets at each end of the stairs to corral items that need to go to one floor or the other. Instead of laying those items on the stairs, they have some place to go in the meantime.

Check the Lighting on the Stairs

If the lighting on the stairs isn’t so good, your elderly loved one may not be able to see where she’s stepping. This can be a problem no matter whether she’s going up or down the stairs. Try replacing the existing bulbs with brighter ones or adding additional light fixtures. Reflective tape at the edge of each stair tread can also help to improve visibility.

Make Sure that Railings Are Secure

Hand rails are essential for your loved one’s safety, of course, but if they’re not sturdy enough to catch her weight, they can be a problem. Test all of the railings and replace them if you need to do so. If there aren’t enough railings or they don’t go all the way down the stairwell, install additional ones.

Consider Installing a Chair Lift

Chair lifts are an automated lift system that enable your loved one to safely ride up and down the stairs without having to navigate them on her own. You may need to budget for a chair lift, but it’s a worthwhile expense if your loved one doesn’t feel that she can safely navigate the stairs on her own.

Move Your Loved One to the First Floor, if Possible

If there’s a bedroom or room on the first floor that can be used as a bedroom, your elderly loved one might be interested in converting that to her new bedroom. This can help your loved one to avoid having to navigate the stairs at all, which can be a tremendous source of relief for both of you.

Let your loved one’s elder care providers know that you’re concerned about stair safety so that they can help you make sure that the stairs remain as safe as possible.

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