What Does it Mean to Take Care of Yourself While You’re Being a Caregiver?

It’s one thing to take care of your elderly family member every day, but what does it mean to take care of you? In another situation, you might know the answer to that. Being a family caregiver often means, however, that you don’t remember how to take care of yourself nearly as well as you know how to take care of your aging adult.


Senior Care in Kailua HI: Caregiver Health

Senior Care in Kailua HI: Caregiver Health

Pay Attention to Physical Needs

Caregivers often get wrapped up in meeting the needs of their aging adults and forget to meet their own needs. If you’re not eating well and exercising, you’re punishing your body by pushing it too hard. Reward your body with the nutrients and the movement that it needs in order to keep you healthy and running.


This Includes Your Own Health Conditions

If you have your own health conditions, you have to be paying attention to them. Failing to do so is just as devastating as if your elderly family member were ignoring her health conditions. If you have to, pretend that you’re another aging adult under your own care and treat yourself the way you’d treat your care recipient.


You Need Time Away

No one can be on call all day, every day without a break. You have to take time away from being a caregiver now and then. Make dates with yourself for opportunities to engage in hobbies you enjoy or just to meet friends for lunch. Then make sure that you keep those dates with yourself. Even if your idea of time away is to take a nap, make the time to do so.


You Need to Face Every Day as Refreshed as Possible

Speaking of naps, if you’re not getting the sleep that you need, you’re not heading into every day as refreshed as you should be. Figure out why you’re not getting enough sleep and then do whatever you can to correct the problem. Talk with your own doctor to find a solution, if necessary. Lack of sleep makes decisions more difficult and can shorten your temper.

Having a full cup from which to draw allows you to continue caring for your elderly family member. If you let yourself run down, you won’t be an effective caregiver.

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