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Is it Possible to Change Your Mood When You’re in a Bad One?

Caregiver in Kaanapali HI: Your mood can affect quite a bit when you're a family caregiver, so it can be important to manage your moods carefully. But can you really change your mood when you're in a bad one?
Caregiver in Kaanapali HI: Changing your Mood
Caregiver in Kaanapali HI: Changing your Mood
Caregiver in Kaanapali HI: Changing your Mood
Caregiver in Kaanapali HI: Changing your Mood

Nobody really enjoys being in a bad mood. It tends to make the people around you respond badly to you and it’s not fun at all. So maybe you should try changing it to a better one.

Choosing Your Attitude

You’ve probably heard before that you can choose your own attitude, but how does one do that? The first thing to consider is that the phrase is accurate. You’re making a choice about whether you’re going to allow your attitude to rule your actions and your interactions. It may be easier to have a bad attitude, but it’s going to color your interactions seriously. Waking up each day and choosing to approach the day with a positive mindset can do a lot.

Smiling Just to Smile

Your brain takes cues from your body and can react accordingly. So when you’re sad and you scowl, that confirms to your brain that the situation isn’t great. If you smile when you’re not wanting to smile, you can help to turn your bad mood into a better one. The next time you’re needing a better mood, try smiling at yourself in a mirror for a minute or so. You might be surprised how much better you can feel.

Taking Time Away

One reason that you’re probably not in a great mood as a family caregiver is that you’re not giving yourself time away. Look at your plans for the next week or so and map out when you can take time off for even a couple of hours. Being able to just be yourself instead of your loved one’s family caregiver can do way more for your mood than you might think.

Leave the Bad Mood for a Minute

While your first impulse may be to get rid of a bad mood, let it sit for a minute. Maybe there’s a really good reason that you’re in a bad mood. Sometimes the best way to process an emotion or a mood is to let it work itself out. If you’re wallowing, though, you need to find a way out of your bad mood.

No one is happy every moment of every day, but you can do a lot to help yourself stay on a more level path when it comes to your own moods.

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Jermie Chadwick, CEO

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