Is Swimming a Safe Activity for Your Elderly Parent?


Senior Care in Maui HI: Is Swimming a Safe Activity for Your Elderly Parent?dumbbells

In your role as a family caregiver, you know how important it is for your elderly loved one to stay active. Physical activity is vital for physical health and well-being, but also for mental and emotional health. As the summer months approach many people are thinking of outdoor activities to enjoy with their families, and as a family caregiver, this includes your senior. One activity that is particular popular among families during warmer weather is swimming. While you know that this is something you and your children enjoy and that you can handle safely, you might wonder if it is a safe activity for your elderly loved one.

Fortunately, swimming can be a very safe and healthy activity for your elderly parent, and offer a variety of benefits to them. Some of the benefits of swimming include:

  • Ease pressure on joints. Many seniors deal with pain and stiffness in their joints that limits their mobility and keeps them from being as active and engaged as they would want to be. Swimming takes pressure off of the joints, easing these symptoms and encouraging more range of motion for safer, more comfortable, and more accessible mobility.


  • Support cardiovascular health. Exercising keeps the heart healthy, but if your senior is dealing with mobility issues, they might not get enough of this exercise. Swimming can burn calories and fat as well as boost the heartrate for better cardiovascular health.


  • Emotional boost. The potential benefits of swimming are not just physical. Spending time with your family swimming and enjoying the water can give them and mental and emotional boost and allow them to make memories that all of you can treasure well into the future.


Starting senior care for your elderly loved one can be one of the best ways that you can help them to achieve and maintain a higher quality of life as they age in place. A senior home care services provider can be with your aging loved one on a customized schedule that is designed to ensure they have all of the care and assistance that they need while also keeping you at the head of their care routine. There is a common misconception that this type of care is only beneficial for seniors who have extensive needs and challenges, but this is simply not the case. Instead, even elderly adults who have only mild to moderate needs can benefit greatly from the highly personalized services of a senior care provider. This care provider can help your parent handle their basic care needs, meet their activities of daily living, provide safe and reliable transportation to where they need and want to go, and encourage them to live a healthier, more active, and more fulfilling lifestyle. This can boost their quality of life as they age in place.


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